Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Team sports

It would be a mistake to think that because I removed myself from the ideological left that I automatically 'went over' to the ideological right. Just the opposite. I freed myself from the 'collective rights' mindset and moved towards individual liberty. I reject this notion of a "one-side-or-the-other" dichotomy altogether. I recognize it as the divisive tool that it is. I claim no party loyalty. It took me a while to figure this out for myself, so I don't expect you to get it in one post. Us/them, left/right, coffee/tea, red/blue liberal/conservative.... I knew of no other alternative to either "this or that". Then I turned off the TV and started reading. And reading. Thank gawd the internet really took off - but only if you know how to sift through all the shit. It has been interesting to observe from the outside - watching the left and right bicker. The partisanship of team loyalty is glaring, almost blinding at times when you don't actively play a role in either side's fray.

What's funny, that because I am fiscally conservative but radically socially liberal, I get to argue/dialogue daily with both those on the conservative right and those on the liberal (and progressive) left. I find it hilarious that almost immediately the left call me a "right-winger" and the right call me a "liberal" when I step outside the perceived ideological lines. LOL! Joke's on you both... I'm neither. What either side hasn't figured out is that I'm not willing to use the force of government to impose my will on others to get what I want. That is the antithesis of liberty, but somehow they can't see it when their side does it. No one ever thinks they're doing anything wrong. The 'means to the ends' of the modern day left and right repel me...that's what you haven't wrapped your heads around. I reject you both. It is just that repugnant. But keep playing the game. Keep the two sides bickering and the real owners of this country are taking you all to the cleaners every day of the week. If George Carlin could see you all now, he'd be mixing another drink, making popcorn and settling in for the show. Just like me...

Settle in. The fun's just beginning.

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