Friday, August 31, 2012

Interruption.. (brief)

"We interupt this long silence to bring you this special message":

Okay, I know my "shortly" has turned into a "longly" by now, but you have to note... I can't fuck this history up; it's too important to understand and I only get one shot at it. Plus, I was there! Hey, that's a lot of pressure, folks. I'm new at this blogging thing, too, so it's uber important I not screw it up. 

So, Gore Vidal (rip), be proud of me for acknowledging the above. But sometimes GV, I wonder about your own angst in challenging the status quo. And you, too, Emma Goldman, Molly Ivins, and even you, Norman Mailer. But, so far my patina is taking quite a nice tone.

A couple of the proposals that MLK, Jr. had was "victory by loving your enemy" and recognizing your "means to the end". I've got one down to a science and I'm working on the other. I bet you know which is which. Then again, maybe not? More to follow. I'm busy working out the details....

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